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Throughout Cathrine Countiss' career on stage and film, the press covered her extensively wherever she performed.  Her husband and theatrical manager, E. D. Price made sure of that, taking every opportunity to gain publicity for her and her work.  Here's just a few selected quotes.

Pile of Newspapers

Cathrine Countiss ranks as one of the most prominent and successful leading ladies in America – Denver Times 1908

Miss Countiss is immensely popular here, and made her appearance amid a whirlwind of handclapping – Baltimore News 1908


Cathrine Countiss today beyond any question is one of the most remarkable women on the American stage – Salt Lake Tribune 1912

... Miss Countiss is an emotional actress of great ability and striking presence ...

– The Edmonton (Canada) Journal 1913

Cathrine Countiss, who is not only very attractive, but is possessed of talent and personality, ... marks her an artist – San Francisco Dramatic Review 1914

The work of Miss Countiss in "The Avalanche" has been pronounced ... about the highest form of dramatic acting ever portrayed on the screen – Moving Picture World 1915

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